Plan Distribution

Plan distribution

At Green Bay Blue we can manage all your plan distribution needs. Let us take all the phone calls for plans and keep subs from coming in and our of your office all day long. We are very flexible and work a project almost anyway you choose. We have options ranging from distributing the hard copy bid documents from our location to using an online planroom or even arranging for subs to download files. We keep current planholders lists and can distribute addenda as well.

Top Reasons Why Customers Choose Us To Distribute Their Plans


  • No annual fees
  • Billed on a per project basis

Reduced Labor & Time

  • We manage paper and digital documents
  • You have no paper documents to pull apart, copy & track
  • Subs can order their plans directly from us
  • We can distribute addenda
  • We can track deliveries and distribution

Service vs Software

  • We do the work; it isn't a software that you need to purchase and learn to operate yourself